Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo was established by Tesshin Hamada, Hanshi to spread the quintessence of Japanese traditional Budo skills and spirit in American soil in 1965 when he received the special mission from his late father, Hanshi Seishin Hamada of DNBK.  Hanshi Kumao Ohno, president of DNBK Honbu gave him the endorsement to establish the DNBK Shibu outside of Japan.  Later, in 1972, the first official branch of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai USA under Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo was established in the College of William and Mary.  In 1975, the most comprehensive Budo curriculum of Bushin Kan Dojo was established in the Exercise Science and Physical Education department of Old Dominion University where he served as martial artist in-residence.

The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai is Japan's oldest and most prestigious martial arts society chaired by Sosai, Jiko Higashifushimi, cousin to Emeror Akihito of Japan who is resident-priest of Shorenin Temple in Kyoto.  Bushin Kan means the hall of martial spirit, which embodies the cognate classical Budo skills and disciplines, knowledge and philosophy of Butoku and Bushido.  Bu means the essence of martial tradition, to stop spear and quell violence. Shin is the heart and soul of Budo tradition.  Thus, Bushin Kan Dojo has been the home of thousands of martial artists trained under Hanshi, Hamada. Bushin Kan was named by late Seishin Hamada, Kendo, Iaido and Kobudo Hanshi.  When he passed away, the original name became Shoryuin Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo.  Tesshin Hamada was bestowed the title "Soke", original founder of Chishin Ryu Heiho which embodies the cognate field of traditional Budo and Bujutsu by the high Abbot of Myofukuji Temple and then hereafter to carry out his Budo missions in USA.

Bushin Kan Headquarters Honbu Dojo is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA.  Instructors of Bushin Kan Dojo across the nation provide various martial art programs around the country for service, teaching, and educational endeavors.  The aim of Bushin Kan Dojo is to help the trainees develop optimal mind, body, spirit and skills through classical Budo training and intends to contribute toward achieving peace, strength and harmony of the world through Budo.  Bushin Kan Dojo is committed to promote teaching and training seminars for the fellow members and the community.  Bushin Kan Dojo is very proud of many outstanding accomplishments attained by fellow members in the national and international Budo field.  Bushin Kan Dojo devotes full energies not only in the excellence of Budo but also in the various community, educational and charitable programs.  Bushin Kan aims for achieving high nobility and Butoku virtues through Budo training.