Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo Budo and Bujutsu Curriculum

All Budo disciplines taught and trained in Bushin Kan Dojo are based on traditional forms of Japanese classical Budo arts, which are closely related to historical Samurai Bushi tradition. The classical Heiho is historically defined as martial strategy since the late 12th century of military aristocratic rule of Japan.

Classical Heiho Bujutsu embodied the ancient military disciplines such as Kyujutsu, Kenjutsu, Naginatajutsu, Sojutsu, Bajutsu, and various weaponry arts as well as unarmed combative Bujutsu such as Jujutsu, Yawara and Kogusokujustu. Thus, Muso Chishin Ryu Heiho propounded by Hanshi Hamada is the principal curricular system of Budo, which students study and train in Bushin Kan Dojo. Bushin Kan Dojo offers the beginning intermediate, and advanced trainees the essential fundamentals in the following cognate field of traditional Budo and Bujutsu of Japan.

Bushin Kan Dojo is very proud to maintain the legacy and tradition cherished for centuries by Samurai warrior class. The basic tenet is to forge the human will, character and spirit through the traditional art and it is not gearing toward sport orientation.

The following disciples are taught as part of the Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo Budo and Bujutsu Curriculum