Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo Budo and Bujutsu Curriculum

Iaido and Battojutsu

Based on long standing Ittoh Ryu tradition from the medieval Japan, the traditional skills of Battojutsu and Iaijutsu, Iaido is offered in the Heiho system. Students focus on the finest mental balance, grace, beauty and harmony with the sword, and practical realism in Kata. It stresses the total development of mind, body and spirit and skills through Iaido.

Students train in Zanshin no Kamae Kata and Battojutsu Heiho system, Hon-Iai and Kumitachi Iai.

Students study and train all aspects of Iaido principles and cultivate their Iai mind as it was practiced in the medieval warrior tradition.

Bushin Kan Dojo is very proud of Yudansha and their notable attainments in Iaido recognized by DNBK Honbu. Bushin Kan Dojo provides training seminars for novice and advanced students in Iaido throughout the year.