Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo Budo and Bujutsu Curriculum


Jujutsu, art of gentle way is considered an important component of classical Heiho system, where effective and efficient unarmed combat was necessary to end the conflict. When the battle was engaged in the medieval period, the bladed weapons could become unusable after serious and rigorous exchanges of contacts. Quite often it was necessitated to develop the lethal skills of unarmed combat to fight against opponents with weapons.

Yawara system and Yoshin Ryu, Yagyu Shingan Ryu, Takenouchi Ryu, Daito Ryu, Shibukawa Ryu, Taisen Ryu, Hokko Ryu, Yanagi Ryu, were some of the Jujutsu system in the Heiho system and many Kenjutsu school adopted the Jujutsu system. Jujutsu is a complete Bujutsu that employs throwing, locking, controlling, disarming, striking, blocking and kicking against all and any opponents. Students train Jujutsu to develop mind, body and spirit and defensive skills and art of classical tradition.